The all-in-one platform for serious investors

x10 More Efficient And Intuitive Workspace For Portfolio Management & Due Diligence.


Financial Instruments from all over the worldwide exchanges


Stocks, accessible with a more accessible and qualitative due diligence toolbox.


Years of 10-Q filings to dive deep into fundamentals.


Other Assets such as Exchange Traded Funds, Indices & Forex pairs.

Discover your new opportunities

Palmy makes it easy to structure your workflow in due diligence and portfolio management. Our toolbox saves you time, effort and outputs qualitative investment opportunities in return.
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Feature: The Watchlist of Palmy Investing - Sample (xs screen)
Feature: Custom Screener of Palmy Investing - Sample (xs screen)
Feature: Fundamental Graphs of Palmy Investing - Sample (xs screen)

Accurate Portfolio Management

Receive valuable insights through allocation graphs, performance tracking and index benchmarking.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Besides other KPIs, we calculate the Sharpe Ratio, the Alpha, the Beta and the Volatility of your portfolios.

Palmy Investing - Demo of KPIs - History & Current


We visualize your portfolio allocation regarding: asset classes, positions weighting, sectors and countries. we provide all the statistics to your dashboard.

Palmy Investing let you drive through your entire portfolio via allocation graphs, tables and models.


Use one of more than 150 benchmarks such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones to compare it with your portfolio performance.

ETF & Stock Screening

Get screens of your assets to track real-time financial metrics right in your portfolio dashboard

Loose Defaults

Use your own benchmark for alpha & beta or set your own risk free rate inside the Portfolio Manager.

Scale Your Investing

Developed by investors for investors

We are here to develop solutions that matter and make your investing life easier & successful.

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Is Palmy For Every Investor?

New Investors

We are here to assist you in taking your first steps into investing, with an affordable subscription model and resources.

Retail Investors

Improve your investment strategies with our comprehensive solutions. Your feedback is as valuable as fair pricing by palmy.

Value Investors

Our fundamental tools will always be in majority, compared to other concepts such as technical analysis.


While we are focused on small/retail investors, it is a pleasure to serve the requirements of professionals through our customizable, scalable subscriptions.

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Absolutely! Palmy allows you to get a working membership for free. Then you can review any of our provided tools for free. No Payment Required, but the free membership comes with advertisements and some features are limited to one free month per account*

* Read more in our Extended FAQ

We use "Stripe" as our payment provider. You can subscribe with your debit/credit card (in €/Euro).

Yes! We recommend you to pay annually with Palmy. As of March & June 2024: Save up to 40% with the annual "Investor Plus" subscription.

We have a 40% discount for you (annual subscription). Selected students can use everything for free if they are interested. We seek a warm introduction or a collaboration with your university/school.

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Our Toolbox at a glance

Research Terminals

Our multi-search tool allows you to compare stocks within a single page. The terminal is optimised to deal with your research targets simultaneously. No need to open 10 tabs to compare 10 stocks.

Portfolio Management

Track your positions inside our portfolios. Get valuable insights through allocation graphs, daily performance and index benchmarking. Improve your portfolio through our automatically created security screeners and portfolio KPIs like the Beta.

Security Screeners

Utilize one of our prebuilt Security Screeners or build yourself by combining 250 financial metrics and intelligent sector and country filters. Discover new investments and expand your horizon.

Fundamental Dashboard

Use our workspace to create custom plots, tables and valuation from a selection of more than 200 fundamental metrics. We cover 25+ years of financial history for global securities.


Create new ideas and track securities at lightspeed. Utilize our fast performance comparisons & real time statistics.

Alternative Insights

Want to do research on a sector, industry, country or an exchange? Palmy has you covered with alternative insights, e.g. with the sector performance map.

News, Events, Impact

Read about market events that may matter to your investment strategy. Stay up to date through our calendars, NLP Sentiments & AI-Reports.

Equity Focus

An area to solely focus on opportunities and risk of a single corporate. Allows you to run an analysis by a certain template/pattern.


We are currently investigating the impact of generative AI on our company. In this regard, we are still evaluating the possibilities and would rely exclusively on in-house development (no wrapping).

Seeing Is Believing

Get started by grouping well-known US Companies, such as
Adobe, Apple, Alphabet, Nvidia and Tesla together inside your first terminal: