Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Beats Q4 Results
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Beats Q4 Results

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Beats Q4 Results

Jan. 10, 2024, 7:14 p.m., readers: 15

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE:TSM), the world's leading contract chipmaker, announced its fourth-quarter revenue of T$625.5 billion ($20.10 billion). While this figure shows a largely flat performance, it has still managed to exceed market expectations. The reported Q4 revenue also went beyond TSMC's earlier projection range of $18.8-19.6 billion. In December, TSMC observed a year-on-year revenue decrease of 8.4%, bringing in T$176.3 billion. Commenting on these results, Wedbush analysts noted that this outcome aligns with previous expectations of a strong fourth quarter for TSMC. The performance was attributed to various factors, including seasonal demand associated with Apple, increased demand for AI solutions, and improved dynamics in the Chinese handset market.


T aiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited manufactures, packages, tests, and sells integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices in Taiwan, China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Japan, the United States, and internationally. It provides complementary metal oxide silicon wafer fabrication processes to manufacture logic, mixed-signal, radio frequency, and embedded memory semiconductors. The company also offers customer support, account management, and engineering services, as well as manufactures masks. Its products are used in mobile devices, high performance computing, automotive electronics, and internet of things markets.

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